[ADMIN] Update Info

Due to many people getting upset over updates I’ve decided that not only will I not update with previews from Exo’s upcoming events but also HD Pictures as well. In order to show respect for the ferry incident in South Korea, I won’t be posting any updates until SM releases an official statement about Exo regaining their activities. Until that time I will focus on old updates to complete our archive. Once again I apologize for my mistake and hope you all will understand.
I'm sorry that people are still getting mad even after you apologized .... I love your blog and thanks for showing respect~~ :)

Thank you ;;; I was in the wrong so I can’t really blame them and thank you for your kind words

i think you can put whatever you wanna on your blog, because is yours, i dont understand why some people get mad only for post preview photos, is like.. wth ._. only for post them you will ging to the jail? your blog is for Lay information, so you have to informe us about Lay, wich is the relation between the photos and the Ferry tragedy? that mean the other official news webpages have to be on stanby? if you can upload them, just do it and ignore the bad messages.

I do understand where you are coming from but sm asked fans not to come to the airport and not to take pictures of Exo when they left for Korea on the 19th. This was to show respect towards those who lost their lives in the ferry incident. Not only that fans decided not to trend anything for Luhan’s birthday in light of the tragedy. It’s out of respect that blogs aren’t updating or posting previews and I completely understand that because I too didn’t post any previews. I was just mistaken today and I have already apologized for that and I don’t know what else I can do. If I upset anyone, I’m truly sorry.

Also to answer your question, it’s out of respect for a country that is mourning a huge loss.

it's unbelievable what you do for followers even when other fyeahs have joined in the mourning and refrained from posting airport previews and some even avoiding recent events updates like fy-exo fuckyeahxiumin, fy-yixing, fychen, fyeahkimjongdae and others to pay their respects

I apologized for my mistake earlier and I have you know that I am human to and I making mistakes as well. In case you haven’t noticed I did NOT post airport pictures of Exo when they left Korea to come to Beijing. Also as I stated earlier, I was mistaken and I realized my mistake and I apologized for it. It’s easy to criticize someone and hide behind a grey face honestly, I get that I made a mistake and I do understand that I’ve made some people upset and I accept that fact and I apologize for it. There is no need to belittle and make accusations. Still I thank you for letting me and I’m sorry. I’ll make sure to check properly before posting any other previews.

can you please not post airport previews during the weekend please?

I’ve taken down the previews, I realize it was my fault and if noticed, I did NOT post previews from yesterday. I didn’t realize that previews weren’t supposed to posted again and for that I deeply apologize for my mistake. I’m sorry if I upset anyone and I’ll make sure to check before posting them. Once I’m sorry and it’s my mistake.